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A Moment to Say Thank You

“A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP” — Leonard Nimoy If I may take a moment, and of course I can because this is my blog and I’ll do what I bloody well please, thank you very much, I would like to simply thank […]

Anita Sarkeesian and her list of 8 things devs can change

Anita Sarkeesian recently spoke to game developers about her list of 8 things developers can do to make games less sh***** for women.  For those who don’t want to read a long article covering the topic, here they are: Avoid the Smurfette principle (don’t have just one female character in an ensemble cast, let alone […]

Nude Photos, or Why *Did* You Put That There?

Everyone Needs to Read Jennifer Lawrence’s Powerful Statement on Her Nude Photos I read the article.  I think you should read it too.  And I agree with most everything she says, though technically I don’t agree that intentionally looking at the photos is a “sexual offense”.  At worse I think it would fall under general Peeping […]

Authors Fire Back at Amazon Citing ‘Censorship’. Really?

Authors will fire back at Amazon with calls for a government investigation If you haven’t been following what’s been going on between Amazon and Hachette, here is the really brief: Amazon has been halting/blocking/delaying shipment/sometimes-making-it-near-impossible for customers to order or pre-order any book by publisher Hachette.  The reason for this is money: there is a […]

Concerning the new iPhone 5s/c and TUAW…

Referenced TUAW Article “The negative comments sound like they’re coming from Android fanbots” Really? Well, TUAW sounds like a company full of Apple fanbots. Seriously, I like Apple, but I’m getting sick and tired of TUAW’s gushing all the time about how wonderful Apple is. Apple isn’t bad, but it isn’t the greatest company ever, […]

A good defense of why people cosplay, except for… In the blog post/article linked above, the author writes about why she cosplays and her thoughts on the subject.  For many parts of the article I heartily agree with her and think her opinions are spot on.  Except I just couldn’t agree with this: “In regards to the unfortunately common “stop playing sexy dress up […]

Too Much A really salient quote from the article: “When the guy whose game featured a reverse up-the-crotch chainsaw melee kill [Cliff Bleszinski – Gears of War] is telling you your game is too violent, it might be worth listening.” I don’t want to get into this topic too much, but I did want to share the […]

Something that makes me sad

A person I know is participating in the The World Race.  I view The World Race as something that’s “cool”, though you really have to have nothing tying you down in order to participate, given the length of time you have to be away and the money it takes (i.e. generally you have to be […]


Since most of the people who share hosting on my server read my blog, I thought this would probably be an effective way to share some quick information.  I have finally gotten around to setting up IPv6 on my server.  For those of you who just want a quick explanation about what IPv6 is and […]

Play for free? Ummm….

This post falls under the heading ‘something I wanted to share but it will take more characters than Twitter will allow’.  I recently came across this: Amanda Palmer Asks Musicians to Play for Free, Pisses Off Musicians I can see both sides of the argument here.  Unfortunately, I see more of the musician’s side.  In […]