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Openness, Trust, and Commitment

My post from yesterday elicited some comments from people, and one of the comments that came up concerned being open to possibilities.  I’m paraphrasing since I can’t remember exactly what was said, but essentially it was this:  if you are open to all futures good and bad and try to live in the now, how […]

The Past; The Future

This post is in part prompted by another post that was shared with me, some from finding out that yesterday was something like suicide awareness day, and some from my own thoughts. I don’t intend for this to be a really long post if I can help it, so let me get straight to my […]

Everyday We Lie

At some point when I was much younger (I don’t remember exactly when) I did something bad and tried to lie to my parents to get out of trouble.  It doesn’t really matter what I did; it was probably something small, like not cleaning my room or whatever.  When I was found out, my punishment […]

Digital Ownership

I think it would be safe to say that I’ve bought into the whole “digital” thing.  I own a lot of digital music, videos, games, etc. But do I? There has been a lot of controversy over the past several years over whether or not you truly own your digital content.  I, like many, many […]

Pay to Win?

Let me outline a scenario:  you just purchased (or rented) a new game that promises hours and hours of entertainment.  The game isn’t specifically easy, but it’s not prohibitively hard, either.  You play for a little while and enjoy the game.  Then you notice there is new content you can buy.  What is it?  It’s […]

Passion of the…passion?

Part of my last post sparked some discussion, so I think I’ll reply/elaborate on my own thoughts in a (hopefully short-ish) post. First off let me say that I respect all replies and comments that I’ve heard, either online or offline.  There are many different ways to think about “passion” and relationships in general; frankly […]

Something different

So, yeah.  It’s been quite a while since I posted anything on my blog.  The reason is pretty simple:  I had started a project, meant to continue it, and every time I came back to the blog I was reminded of said project.  However nobody is really clamoring for the next installment or anything, and […]

Not So Novel: The Movie Trailer (NN Episode 6)

[continued from episode 5] Several months had passed since the incident at the infirmary.  Nightingale had slipped quietly out of the room with the test results and flower, hid them, met up with Lady Taro in the cafeteria, and continued about the day like nothing had happened.  He had waited for the investigations to start […]

Not So Novel: Profession (NN Episode 5)

[continued from episode 4] As he reached the training area, Nightingale came out of his reverie.  He had received his codename only 4 years ago, but so many things had happened since that time.  It had taken him some time to heal, but just a month after his release from the infirmary he had been […]

Not So Novel: The End (NN Episode 4)

[continued from Episode 3:  “In that same year, he carefully chose his target.  He didn’t choose one of the top 4; on the off chance that he did win, he would be a marked man (even more so than usual).  No, he chose to go after the 5th…..”] He walked behind his opponent on the way to […]