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{ Monthly Archives } February 2006

The Evil! I want to eat it!

I just want to remark that popping up a fresh batch of yummy, buttery popcorn in a work environment while people are on a diet is just pure, pure evil. The smell, the temptation…. It burns us, my precious!

Ah, potential bliss….

While looking around ThinkGeek for a few minutes (I have problems resisting that store….), I found these: Active Noise Cancelling Headphones They actually “listen” to the outside noise and play that same noise 180 degrees out of phase inside the headphones, neatly cancelling out the human ear’s ability to “hear” that sound (two different sound […]

More Game Legislation

IGN Article Hmm, yet another couple of states trying to bring forth legislature concerning video games, though this one takes it a bit farther than some of the others. The proposed bill actually wants to make selling a violent or sexually explicit game to a minor a misdemeanor offense, levelling a $1,000 fine for the […]

Protected: Can’t shoot him legally, unless I was Cheney…

Ah, my boss. This is a person who tries to protect me from the evils of the world. The evils of making decisions and stuff, trying to do what he can to make sure that I don’t have to spend too much time on stuff I’m not being paid enough to do. And for some […]

$600+ price tag on new PS3?

IGN Article Interesting to note that while prices are still speculative, the article that I linked above notes that the Blue-Ray drive going in the new Sony Playstation 3 will cost $350 by itself for manufacturing. If that’s 100% true, then a $600-$700+ price tag is very likely. Now, I do actually own a XBox […]

President’s Day Quote

This quote was on my daily calendar for President’s Day: “What everyone knows is not called wisdom. Victory over others by forced battle is not considered good.” – Chapter 4: “Formation”, Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” I wonder whether this was a chance placing of the quote, or if someone intentionally wanted to send […]

Do unto others….

Today, as I listened to NPR’s Story of the Day podcast, I was struck with the question, “What would I do?”. The story was about Memorial Hospital in New Orleans. Apparently, and not surprisingly, there were many patients during the time immediately after hurricane Katrina that could not be evacuated, either due to sporadic rescue […]

Protected: I hate it! No wait, I love it!

Ah, what a way to start the day. My boss, who initially didn’t really approve of a new project tracking system, a system that I was putting into place to help manage my own tasks, now thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and wants to expand it! The changes that he wants has […]

Ah, blogging. Legal crack.

Well, I never would have beleived it, but I do think that blogging may actually be fun. Who knew? Well, as it actually seems, everybody else did. My wife has been blogging for years now, some of my friends have either been blogging or posting on various newsgroups, etc. Plus there seems to be a […]

Protected: Argh

I swear sometimes… boss, in his infinite wisdom, decrees that the computer that just came in is supposed to just sit in it’s box until we know what to do with it. I, the actual IT guy, will now have to wait to even install the mandatory upgrades and updates because even though I told […]