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{ Monthly Archives } July 2008

Violence vs. Nudity

As I was reading my way through the various RSS feeds I’ve subscribed to, I came across this post.  I was in general amused by the post and the included video feed, but then, as so often happens, my mind started thinking about various related things, and in this case it was the (nearly) age-old […]


(I’ll also join the club and do a post based off of Dancing About Architecture’s post, “Confused by it all…”, and also partially based off of Star’s Journal of Random Thought’s post, and Playing in Puddle’s post) When I was a child, I had somewhat of a different life than the other kids around me, […]

Doctor’s Visit

Just had a doctor’s appointment today with my nephrologist (kidney doctor) to discuss recent test results.  Those results are: Creatinine:  Has gone up, but not by much (up is not good) Phosphorus:  Has gone up, by a bit (again, up is not good) GFR (calculated rate of kidney function):  Down, by a few points (down […]

A different kind of anniversary…..

As I was rocking my daughter to sleep tonight, I was thinking of how fast time seems to have gone since she was born, and how near she is to being one year old.  Then another thought occurred to me: it’s been almost a year since I found out for sure that I have CKD.  Wow.  All […]

iPhone 3G – The Experience

So I’m now a owner of the new iPhone 3G.  To get this out of the way: It’s flippin’ awesome.   However, though, for me, most of the really cool stuff isn’t because of the new iPhone being 3G; our current area doesn’t have 3G coverage (probably will before too much longer, but not right […]

And I thought soccer moms were bad….

You know, most of the time I really enjoy teaching martial arts.  I’ve been practicing martial arts for a total of about 8 1/2 years, and I’ve been an instructor of them for about 6 of those years.  I’ve taught group classes and private lessons.  I’ve performed at demonstrations and judged at competitions.  And I’ve […]

Lyrics that sing to the heart….

Maybe I don’t really wanna know How your garden grows cos I just wanna fly Lately did you ever feel the pain In the morning rain as it soaks you to the bone Maybe I just want to fly, Wanna live, I dont wanna die Maybe I just want to breathe Maybe I just don’t […]

McCain vs. The Librarian

A friend of mine recently posted this:  Playing in Puddles – Actions Speak Louder I went and watched the linked video, and wow.  Just wow.  McCain’s people felt it necessary, actually necessary, to remove a 60 year old librarian from the premises of a building McCain was talking in, just because the librarian was holding […]