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{ Monthly Archives } January 2009

In the battle for the fastest internet speeds….

….Bloomington is falling behind.  Way behind.  Just announced, Charter Communications is bringing to their customers a unprecedented speed option: 60 Mbps internet. Other providers, like Verizon’s FiOS service and some of Comcast’s services, top out at 50 Mbps.  Here in Bloomington, the best we can strive for is 20 Mbps. Now, I do realize some […]

Top 10 Sights of Google Street View

IGN recently did a article naming their top 10 sights viewed via Google Map’s Street view.  Kinda interesting to see what was intended to be caught on camera, and what wasn’t:

Upgraded Site, New Theme, Recipe

First off, I have finally upgraded my own blog to WordPress 2.7 (this is after I upgraded something like 7 other blogs first), and I can definitely say wow, this is quite a difference.  Personally, I love the new look and feel so far, though I might prefer to have a wider edit window for […]