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{ Monthly Archives } April 2009

Back where I started, sort of

A shorter post for today [a collective “Whew!” is heard from all those who slogged through yesterday’s post].  Today was one of those days that when I began it I had a plan, and now I find that I’ve pretty much changed said plan 180 degrees. Basically, I started the day with the plan of […]

The Truth about Fatherhood

[Before I get started, I realize that technically I missed a couple of BEDA days.  After my web/database server got hacked and I had to spend a lot of frantic time putting it back together, I decided that what rest I could find was worth more than getting a blog entry up.] This post was […]

Cars: what a racket

Given what’s happened today, I can’t help but blog about this.  I took my car in for its regular oil change this morning, and because I had noticed the brakes squealing just  a little bit, I went ahead and asked them to look at that as well.  I got a call later in the morning informing […]

The BEDA for today…

….isn’t going to be much of one.  I think for tonight I need to focus on relaxing and not trying to meet a arbitrary goal that, at least for this evening, will only serve to stress me out more as I try to find something to talk about.  So this is my BEDA post for […]

Sexting: This has got to stop

Actually, I don’t give a rat’s behind if sexting itself happens.  I’m a realistic person:  teens are going to find a way to do this.  It happened in email before text messages.  It’s happened across countless web cams.  Heck, before email and web cams people would take (gasp!) film pictures of themselves and send them […]

Next up on the environment killer list: Spam

Yes, spam.  Not the canned meat, but the junk mail that’s infesting the internet.  From my current experience, the only way to be able to avoid spam is to create a new private email account on a private domain, telling only certain people the email address.  If you use that email account virtually anywhere on […]

Sunday Baking

The above was my baking project for today.  Though that may initially look like two batches of challah, I assure you that I wasn’t that crazy today, I simply split a single batch of challah into two smaller more manageable braids.  I’m thinking I’ll bring one of the braids to our weekly movie night.  The […]

Spore and blah

I’ve started to play a interesting game:  Spore.  In this game, you start out at the bottom of the gene pool (literally) and then work your way up.  I just reached the Tribal level (i.e. I’ve discovered fire), and so far the experience is a bit addictive.  The gameplay has been simple so far, but […]

A little over halfway there….

It’s now the 17th of April, which means I’m just a bit over halfway through BEDA.  The main questions on my mine are, one, has BEDA so far been worth it, and two, an offshoot question, has it done any good.  I thought of these questions after I chatted with Jen today, as we both […]

Kindle Experiences

If you lose your Amazon account your Kindle loses funcitonality I suppose since I have a Kindle, I should answer the question posed by the article linked above, “What’s your experience getting non-Kindle books onto the Kindle”. In my experience, it’s actually very easy to get non-Amazon books onto the Kindle.  The device can connect […]