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{ Monthly Archives } April 2010

Food for Thought

Food for the Eagle – Adam Savage’s speech to the Harvard Humanist Society I have to admit, after reading Adam Savage’s speech, I didn’t quite know what to think or write.  To say that Adam’s speech was unreasoned or ineloquently given would be a falsehood (to be fair I wasn’t there, but the “Adam” that I […]

iPad Apps and Their Prices

360iDev: Brent Simmons on NetNewsWire for iPad and iPhone OS 4.0 “BS: Well initially, on the announcement, the iWork apps were priced at $9.99, and we thought well, that sounds like a reasonable line in the sand, so we went with $9.99 for an introductory price, and we’ll go up to $14.99. My hope is […]

E-Readers vs. Physical Books….again.

How Green Is My iPad “All in all, the most ecologically virtuous way to read a book starts by walking to your local library.” I can’t argue with the technicality of the statement.  If you can walk to the library, that’s probably best.  But the majority of, say, Bloomington, can’t walk to the library; they […]

iPad: My Review

There are a ton of iPad reviews out there right now, but I thought I’d go ahead and add my thoughts into the mix.  If nothing else, this will serve to get all of my thoughts about the iPad in the same place. If you want the quick version:  I love it.  Absolutely, positively love it. […]