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{ Monthly Archives } May 2010

Oh Pratchett, how you make me think….

I just had to write a quick post about this.  I’ve been thinking about many things lately, and I’ve found that I’m thinking about other things even while I’m reading my current book, The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett.  Oh, the book has been good so far, I’ve just been distracted.  But when I was […]

Google TV Hmm, not really liking the tone of this article. I much prefer articles that represent the truth of both sides, rather than (essentially) name calling. Yes, the Apple TV has many shortcomings, the number one item for me being the formats it can play (namely being that it can only play Apple’s format).  But […]

Books are great, but….

Honey I Wrecked the Kids, a guide to democratic parenting My first response after I read that article: I was spanked as a child, grounded, and occasionally yelled at all the way till I was out of the house for bad behavior. I was rewarded for good behavior.  I think it worked out OK. “allowing […]

Ireland Photos

My photos from Ireland are now available for viewing on my Zenfolio account: Public Album: Private Album: Note, I only really had time to go through and put some quick notes on the public album; if you want to know more about a photo in the private album you’ll have to get in […]

Being in Ireland: Day 7

Overview Got up, ate breakfast, headed out Got confirmation of the latest news from Pat concerning planes. Headed towards Clonmacnoise Arrived at Clonmacnoise, took the tour and some snaps. Had some tea. Left for Dublin Arrived in Dublin, checked into hotel, went out for lunch and whatever Wandered around for a bit, had some lunch, […]

Being in Ireland: Day 6

Overview Got up, got ready, and had breakfast Went back to room, and actually listened to the news for the first time this trip Went down to the bus, departed for Killary Harbor in Connemara Slowed and occasionally stopped for pics on the scenic drive there Arrived at Killary Harbor for the cruise, departed on […]

Being in Ireland: Day 5

Overview Got up and packed (as we would be staying in Galway this evening) Ate breakfast Departed for the flying boat museum Passed through some towns and learned more about Ireland, like the Rose of Tralee Learned about Irish sports Had a tour at the flying boat museum Got a lesson in how to make […]

Being in Ireland: Day 4

Overview Ate breakfast Departed for scenic drive and the Blaskett Center Stopped at a local golf course for a group pic Stopped at Inch Beach for a photo opportunity Stopped at Dingle Peninsula for another photo opportunity Saw a few rainbows along the way Stopped and toured the Blaskett Center Returned to Dingle for lunch […]

Being in Ireland: Day 3

Overview Ate breakfast at the hotel Went on a walk by the canal Departed, drove to Rock of Cashel Visited said, only had time for tour Drove to Blarney. Listened to Pat tell us history and other facts We were given about 2 hours to eat and do whatever I ate with the others at […]

Being in Ireland: Days 1 and 2

Overview Travelled. Sat next to choir group for Aer Lingus flight. Nice fun group of college kids. Couldn’t sleep. No leg room. Child behind and mother kept kicking/hitting my seat. Dealt with airports Waited on rooms. Took a scenic route. Went to bank. Used ATM. Exchanged denominations. Had lunch separately. I walked around just a […]