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{ Monthly Archives } May 2010

Being in Ireland: Introduction

The following entries in this series all come from the journal I wrote while on the trip.  The journal definitely does not cover everything that happened.  A lot of things happened on this trip, and I was keeping the journal as I could on my iPad.  While the iPad is a good device overall, since […]

Eating in Ireland: Day 7

Breakfast: Again, no real surprises. I’ve tried to cut back a bit of what I’m eating for breakfast because I’ve been eating a lot more than I’ve been used to (for a good reason). But no real surprises. Lunch: We were basically given free reign in Dublin all afternoon, so conversely to yesterday we had […]

Eating in Ireland: Day 6

Breakfast: 6th verse, same as first. Fresh fish was added to the menu, soft boiled eggs removed. Lunch: For lunch today we stopped at the Peacock Hotel/Restaurant. There really was no other choice for lunch, as this was the only place around for miles and miles. I chose one of the cheaper items on the […]

Eating in Ireland: Day 5

Breakfast: Another buffet, same as yesterday. I played around a bit with what I ate, but mainly things were the same. Ate a larger portion of porridge, and had some “culture” (aka yogurt) with some raspberry syrup on top, which was quite tasty.  U.S. breakfast buffets really need to add plain yogurt with a variety […]

Eating in Ireland: Day 4

Breakfast: As what I think is going to be standard, breakfast this morning was another buffet. It was a full buffet, though, with a full assortment of cheeses, sausages, eggs, potatoes, etc. New to the menu this morning was porridge, which I had with some sugar; it was pretty tasty. Finally tried black sausage/pudding this […]

Eating in Ireland: Day 3

Breakfast: Wow, quite a spread. Didn’t get up the courage to try blood pudding yet, but I did have a little bit of everything else. Didn’t have any of the bacon or hard salami or whatever it was, but I did have some of the the “regular” sausage. Mmmmmmmmm. It was softer than I normally […]

Eating in Ireland: Day 2

(note, I’m starting my “Eating in Ireland” posts on day 2 simply because that was the first day of the vacation that I was really in Ireland; Day 1 was all traveling on the plane to get there) Breakfast:  We had a continental style breakfast on the plane.  We were offered coffee or tea plus […]