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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010

A well done plea

National Opt-Out Day To JetBlue: My dignity, my rights, your bottom line I just had to share these.  The top link I actually got from Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) via his Twitter feed.  The bottom link/video I got to from National Opt-Out Day’s site.  I recently blogged about my frustration with the TSA and all […]

U.S. HDTV Watching

U.S. Watches More Than 80-Percent of TV in Standard Def I think it actually just comes down to the fact that while a lot of Americans went out and bought HDTVs, a good percentage of them haven’t the slightest idea about how to hook them up. It doesn’t help when places like Best Buy convince […]

Airports and TSA Screenings

T.S.A. Screening May Be Taking a Toll on Travel Yeah, you can file this one under “duh”.  I’d generally argue that the T.S.A. screening is taking a toll on travel, not “may be”.  It’s really gotten to the point that if I can drive somewhere in under 18 or so hours I would rather do […]

Public Toplessness/Nudity

Voters Say No to Topless Ballot Measure Frankly, I agree with Gundelfinger. I think women should be allowed to go topless anywhere a man can. Have you seen what some guys look like with their shirts off? There are guys out there with bigger breasts than some women!  Also, there are plenty of bikini tops […]