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{ Monthly Archives } September 2011

Spoken Like a True Engineer

Indeed, truly spoken like a engineer. 

Cable Unbundling

Some cable companies are pushing for unbundled channels — but not for you Ah, so some companies have been listening.  I’ve been wanting a more a la carte version of programming choices, versus big channel packages that contain a couple hundred channels that I don’t care about.  As of right now, as soon as our […]

Wait, what?!

Sony to stop paying for movie theater 3D glasses, theater owners fire back Am I alone in this?  Am I the only one who read this article and focused on something completely different?  Because for me, I’m more focused on the fact that Sony and other companies have been paying for the 3D glasses the […]

Products you buy *can* make you better….

The Products You Buy I’m sorry, I really try to not be a contrary person with the things that are shared with me, and I understand the general message the blog post is trying to make. However, I just want to say that they are virtually wrong on every point…. “The products you buy will […]

Is RSS dead?

No, but some have made the point that subscribing is: It is actually an interesting point.  There are people I know that I’ve tried to introduce to the wonders of RSS to no avail, however those same people are on Facebook and/or other sites.  Some people scoff at the idea of having to filter […]

Wish I had a portal gun….

OK, so maybe parts of the video are a little bit…..crass……but most of it is amusing and I do admit there are times I wish I had a portal gun. Then I think about how life would really be if we had portal guns.  I’m not sure it would be a good thing….

Awesome Weapon

No, it’s not a real life weapon, but one that you can find as a “easter egg” in Gears of War 3: That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, if you complete what’s necessary to get this “easter egg” weapon (including playing on the insane difficulty and being sure to do a couple things precisely), then you […]

A iPad magazine done correctly I just started using/reading this app/magazine, and I thought I’d go and share the above link to the article that tipped me off.  The app/magazine really is pretty well done from the one issue I’ve looked at, and at the super-low price of free it’s hard not to at least give it a glance.  […]

Now *that’s* the way to protect your game Though for obvious reasons they can’t completely verify the rumor, it would be awesome if it’s true.  Get a illicit copy of a game early?  Be prepared to face ultimate monsters that you can’t defeat right off.  Just imagine if it were a Final Fantasy game and instead of facing a simple soldier or […]

A story about Animal Crossing

I thought this was worth sharing: