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{ Monthly Archives } October 2011

Should libraries and librarians protect us?

Libraries Got Screwed by Amazon and Overdrive The very short gist if you don’t want to follow the link and read the article and watch the vid:  Overdrive has been working with Amazon to bring more books to its service, but in doing so has allowed Amazon to put ads in the books themselves, send […]

Is working with Uwe Boll as good as his films?

Yep: Original article:

Siri Says the Darnedest Things

Apparently people have thought up a variety of questions to ask Siri, and apparently the dev team thought of them too: Siri Says the Darnedest Things

Thwomp’s Revenge

Playing Outside

That totally wouldn’t happen nowadays.  All current-gen systems I know of use wireless controllers. 

Adobe Reader for iOS After all this time, Adobe has finally released a reader for iOS………that is far inferior to many other readers out there.  I mean really, why?  OK, it’s free, so I guess that’s good, but if you want to read PDF files on your iPhone there are a bevy of better options, many of them […]

If you like Dropbox but want more space….

…and you have a iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (i.e. something that runs iOS), you can sign up for a nice deal through The short of it: 50GB of space for a free account, forever.  Main limitation that I can see?  Uploaded files have to be less than 100MB in size (on Dropbox […]

No, it doesn’t work

The guy who did this comic asked if this worked.  The answer is no, at least not at our local store.  I used to work at GameStop, and though the store’s policies were occasionally……well, I won’t say, but the point is this scenario had already been thought of.  Long ago.  When I worked there, if […]

TV service prices, otherwise known as WTF

I’ll warn you right off the bat that this post is here more for me to jot down notes from what I’ve learned versus a real discussion.  I’ve gone on at length about the price of TV service and the alternatives.  I don’t want to bore you with a complete retread of old topics. However, […]

Well that’s not really a surprise

Netflix backtracks on Qwikster, will keep DVDs and streaming under the same URL The link’s title pretty much says it all.  Netflix once again says that they are really sorry, and they won’t be splitting up the company into two different sections, one named “Qwikster”.   ::eye roll:: However, for us I’m not sure that will […]