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{ Monthly Archives } October 2011

Comcast Pay-Per-Package

Comcast testing pay-per-package, still afraid of a-la-carte I went over a lot of my feelings about this in detail in an earlier post so I won’t (completely) go over them again, however I did want to note that it is official: Comcast is testing out pay-per-packages, Charleston, South Carolina being the first test market. I […]

Groan (Kinect Martial Arts)

Ubisoft takes Kinect to Self Defense Training Camp Oh, no.  They had to do it, didn’t they?  I guess it only makes sense.  You can ‘learn’ yoga and basic Tai Chi, as well as various exercise routines using the Kinect.  I suppose someone had to ask the question, “Why not martial arts?  People like to […]

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs will be missed.  My full sympathy goes out to his family.  Though I know Steve Jobs wasn’t Apple, I know Apple won’t be quite the same without him.  It’ll be close.  Probably very, very close.  But just not the same.

The Cycle of RPGs

This is so true. I don’t know how many times I’ve started playing a long RPG just to get within hours of the goal and put it down, later picking it back up again and having to restart because I didn’t know what was going on anymore. The most recent game I did this with […]

Preorder bonuses gone wild

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Preorder Bonuses I sorta think this is getting a little bit out of hand.  If you preorder from GameStop, you get a additional costume for the protagonist.  If you order from Amazon, you get a extra boss battle.  And if you preorder from Best Buy, you get a nice hardcover book that […]


Supreme Court delegates Brown v. EMA expenses ruling to Ninth Circuit So let me sum it up: the EMA won a court battle, and they want California to pay for the expenses.  Really?  OK, yes, you set a nice precedence.  A round of applause is indeed in order, as I for one am happy about […]

Forza 4 Promotion Video

Top Gear‘s (the real Top Gear, not the pretend American version) Jeremy Clarkson narrates a Forza 4 promotion video:  I was going to embed the video, but it kept failing to load the video. Now, if I have to be honest, while I don’t think my time was really wasted watching this promotional video, […]