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{ Monthly Archives } November 2011

Not So Novel: The End (NN Episode 4)

[continued from Episode 3:  “In that same year, he carefully chose his target.  He didn’t choose one of the top 4; on the off chance that he did win, he would be a marked man (even more so than usual).  No, he chose to go after the 5th…..”] He walked behind his opponent on the way to […]

Not So Novel: Magic in the Mundane (NN Episode 3)

[continued from Episode 2; it’s now the next morning, and the Narcoleptic Ninja is reporting to the infirmary] He walked up to the infirmary’s reception desk.  “Hi, I was ordered by Naginata to report here this.  My codename is….” The receptionist barely gave him a glance before interrupting.  “Yes, we were notified you were coming, […]

Not So Novel: Footsteps in the Hall (NN Episode 2)

[continued from Episode 1, the Narcoleptic Ninja is remembering: “He had jumped between two buildings….and then woke up in the infirmary.”] He blinked.  What happened?  What had he been doing?  Right, the mission!  The main part of the job was done: the woman had taken seemingly forever in the lab, but she had finished whatever […]

Not So Novel: Smell (Narcoleptic Ninja Episode 1)

Ugh. He shook is head back and forth to try and clear out that nasty smell. She had used the smelling salts again, even though she knew the odor made him want to retch (and they never really worked, anyway).  He took stock of his surroundings. Home.  Sigh.  OK, well, at least he was home.  […]

Not So Novel: Footsteps in the Hall

Original Version Footsteps in the hall, footsteps in the hall, Who could it be, who could it be, Footsteps in the hall, footsteps in the hall, Around the bend, I just can’t see, Footsteps in the hall, footsteps in the hall, Are they coming for you, are they coming for me, Footsteps in the hall, […]

Couple things

Just posting links to a couple of things, since I don’t really have time to go into any depth about them right now: – The gist of it is either turn off magnification of letters on your smartphone or don’t login to pretty much anything in public.  You really do not know who is […]


The video is of Sarah Churman who was born deaf but at 29 years old received a hearing implant.  Just watching her reaction is so amazing and touching.  Most people, myself included, really don’t know what it’s like to not have something as fundamentally basic as hearing. We all have so many gifts we sometimes […]