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{ Monthly Archives } August 2012

Everyday We Lie

At some point when I was much younger (I don’t remember exactly when) I did something bad and tried to lie to my parents to get out of trouble.  It doesn’t really matter what I did; it was probably something small, like not cleaning my room or whatever.  When I was found out, my punishment […]

Digital Ownership

I think it would be safe to say that I’ve bought into the whole “digital” thing.  I own a lot of digital music, videos, games, etc. But do I? There has been a lot of controversy over the past several years over whether or not you truly own your digital content.  I, like many, many […]

Pay to Win?

Let me outline a scenario:  you just purchased (or rented) a new game that promises hours and hours of entertainment.  The game isn’t specifically easy, but it’s not prohibitively hard, either.  You play for a little while and enjoy the game.  Then you notice there is new content you can buy.  What is it?  It’s […]

Passion of the…passion?

Part of my last post sparked some discussion, so I think I’ll reply/elaborate on my own thoughts in a (hopefully short-ish) post. First off let me say that I respect all replies and comments that I’ve heard, either online or offline.  There are many different ways to think about “passion” and relationships in general; frankly […]

Something different

So, yeah.  It’s been quite a while since I posted anything on my blog.  The reason is pretty simple:  I had started a project, meant to continue it, and every time I came back to the blog I was reminded of said project.  However nobody is really clamoring for the next installment or anything, and […]