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Lyric Moment

From the musical Spring Awakening, in the song “Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind”:


So maybe I should be some kind of laundry line.
Hang their things on me
And I will swing ’em dry.
You’re just wavin’ the sun throught the afternoon,
And then see, they come to set you free
Beneath the risin’ moon.

‘Cuz you know I don’t do sadness,
Not even a little bit.
Just don’t need it in my life.
Don’t want any part of it.
I don’t do sadness.
Hey, I’ve done my time
Lookin’ back on it all.
Man, it blows my mind.
I don’t do sadness,
So been there.
Don’t do sadness,
Just don’t care.


mood:  introspective

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