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$600+ price tag on new PS3?

IGN Article

Interesting to note that while prices are still speculative, the article that I linked above notes that the Blue-Ray drive going in the new Sony Playstation 3 will cost $350 by itself for manufacturing. If that’s 100% true, then a $600-$700+ price tag is very likely. Now, I do actually own a XBox 360, and I admit that I shelled out $400 for the deluxe package with the hard drive and wireless controller. But I will also admit that I had to trade in several items, including a couple other game systems, in order to help bring that cost down to a manageable level ($250), and I’m forced to admit that nobody held a gun to my head and forced me to buy the deluxe package (it would have been stupid not to, but it was an extra $100 above just getting the core unit).

Now, I like my games, and I like my technology, but I really have to question what the hell is Sony thinking? Just about every casual gamer I know scoffed at the idea of paying $300-$400 for the new XBox 360, and many hardcore gamers did too. I know that a fair number of the units bought last Christmas were actually by people who intended to sell them on eBay for hugely inflated prices, mainly to rich idiots with spoiled kids (“Daddy, I want a Golden Ticket!”). Actually, of all the gamers I know, only a couple shelled out for the XBox 360. The main response that I get when I ask the others why they didn’t buy one? “It’s way too expensive.”

And Sony’s going to sell more units by nearly (or actually) doubling the price?

Stellar, Sony. Just stellar.

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