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Ah, potential bliss….

While looking around ThinkGeek for a few minutes (I have problems resisting that store….), I found these:

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

They actually “listen” to the outside noise and play that same noise 180 degrees out of phase inside the headphones, neatly cancelling out the human ear’s ability to “hear” that sound (two different sound samples, if heard from the same direction and if they are of opposing degrees will “cancel” themselves out to the human ear). Similar technology is used in good surround speakers. The surrounds will actually have two speakers, pointing in two different directions. Since one of the speakers is firing out of phase and the other in (but not coming from the same direction), the sound is heard but the mind’s ability to place where the direction of the sound is coming from is mixed up. This makes the sound appear to be coming from a range of direction, not a singular point, making the sound more realistic.

Ah, but I digress. Isn’t aural science cool?

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