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Being in Ireland: Days 1 and 2


  • Travelled. Sat next to choir group for Aer Lingus flight. Nice fun group of college kids.
  • Couldn’t sleep. No leg room. Child behind and mother kept kicking/hitting my seat.
  • Dealt with airports
  • Waited on rooms. Took a scenic route.
  • Went to bank. Used ATM. Exchanged denominations.
  • Had lunch separately. I walked around just a bit, but only on way to take away.
  • Bus tour of Dublin.
  • Museum tour: Dublina. History of Vikings and medieval times.
  • Got first taste of Guinness in Ireland. Got itinerary for next day.
  • Decided on food
  • Ate
  • Went back to rooms


I have to admit, it didn’t take long at all to go through security at Indy.  There were lines, but at least they did have the staff to deal with it.   Getting around Chicago O’Hare wasn’t that bad either, but I still wouldn’t want to press my luck there.   I think the fact that it was a Thursday helped a lot at both airports.  I have to beware what I believe concerning calling the airlines and Orbitz.  Most of them were right and wrong at the same time in regards to how many times I’d have to go through security, security issues, baggage checking, boarding passes, etc.  But overall I think it only took 20-30 minutes at either airport to get through security, even though I was pulled aside for extra security checks both times (first time because I was wearing cargo pants, second time because of my iPad).

Being on a guided tour definitely has its annoyances.  We’d get somewhere late due to traffic, and then since we were on such a tight schedule we lost time at the location we were visiting.  Case in point, we visited Dublinia, a museum that covered the Viking times and also medieval times in Irish history. It was fascinating, but we didn’t really have that much time beyond the museum tour itself. We were even rushed through the last part of the tour because we needed to get back across town. We were supposed to be allowed time to shop after the tour and all, and maybe even have a little bit of time to snap a few extra pics outside, but there was simply no time.

Also, of course, the bus doesn’t stop for pictures.   It was annoying to see a awesome shot but be unable to get it because it’s on the wrong side of the road, or the window is rainy, or I just missed having my camera out in time.

That said, though, the first couple of days have been fun… overall.  Basically, when I ignored the group and did my own thing I had the most fun.  Oh, and the teller at the bank was funny.  I wanted to exchange my high denomination bills for lower (the ATM had given me 2 fifty euro notes), and the bank’s computer system wanted a account number.  He ended up smiling and doing it as a favor for me since I’m from the US.  When I asked if he could do it for my mum too, he laughed and said something to the effect that he had to put up with “cheeky” stuff like that when he goes to the US (indicating troublemakers like me and mom, not that he personally has to get lower denominations).

Finding the bank was a bit of fun in itself; we got traditional Irish directions like “take a left and then another left and then go straight, you can’t miss it”, and what do you know, we got a little bit lost (who knew that that the girl meant the first major road as the first left, not the side street near the hotel). But we only got a little bit lost, and it was a amusing little adventure. We couldn’t have gotten that lost anyway, since the hotel was across from a giant football stadium.

But still, it’s been fun so far overall. And having my own room is incredibly nice. Quitting now and getting some sleep if I can.