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Public Toplessness/Nudity

Voters Say No to Topless Ballot Measure

Frankly, I agree with Gundelfinger. I think women should be allowed to go topless anywhere a man can. Have you seen what some guys look like with their shirts off? There are guys out there with bigger breasts than some women!  Also, there are plenty of bikini tops which are scarcely better than being topless, if not worse because it draws the eye to how little bikini there is.

Interesting to know, though, that if you follow the link to the original article you’ll find that while women can go topless (or without clothes entirely) in the state of Vermont, the benefit was revoked in one town due to some young people who abused the privilege:

“Public nudity has caused controversy elsewhere in New England. While the state of Vermont permits the practice so long as it does not include lewdness, such as flashing, town officials in Brattleboro voted to ban public nudity in 2007. The decision was reached after a small group of young people began to gather downtown in the buff in 2006 because no local or state ordinance prohibited nudity. After out-of-state visitors began arriving to glimpse the scene, and at least one tourist strolled through downtown without clothing, town officials put a stop to it.”

Personally, while I don’t really have the self-confidence to go around naked (I sometimes have problems just walking around in a bathing suit), I don’t really care that much about what other people do, especially in areas like beaches or backyards where people might wear less clothing.  Nudity is only a big deal because people let it be.  So the young people began gathering in the buff; if you didn’t make a big deal about it, they might have just stopped.   And who cares if they’re naked out in the open?  You think that’s going to cause any more teen sex than what already happens?  From a parent’s perspective, better that they are out in the open than hidden away somewhere.

Now I’m not actually advocating that everyone who is comfortable being naked or topless should go around everywhere as such.  If you’ll note, I agree that women should be allowed to go around topless wherever men are allowed to do the same.  There are some situations and places where people should probably be clothed if for nothing more than hygiene, such as in restaurants, and in other situations it’s a matter of what’s in good taste, or out of respect for the establishment or host/hostess.  And of course I always, always advocate that no person should be mocked if they wanted to wear clothing in a environment where less clothing is the norm.  Nobody should ever be forced to wear less clothing than they are comfortable with.  If you really want to wear a shirt and pants to a beach instead of a bathing suit, then so be it.  That should be your call to make and nobody else’s.

Really, how nudity is treated in Europe (in general) comes to mind.  To a lot of Europeans it’s just not a big deal.  True, most Europeans will behave exactly like their American counterparts, wearing at minimum bathing suits when in public and only being naked or less clothed around a very select few.  That seems to be general human behavior.  But where we’re different is if some man or woman is comfortable being in a ad naked, for instance, in Europe the rest of the populace just doesn’t seem to care.  I think some people in the U.S. need to learn how to do the same.