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More Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

June 21, 2007 – As reported by Video Business, research firm Digital Entertainment Group has compiled what would appear to be a solid breakdown of the numbers of next-generation DVD players sold in the United States. The research firm concludes that Blu-ray presently holds a 5 to 1 advantage over HD-DVD in installed hardware, primarily on the strength of the PlayStation 3.

According to DEG, 1.5-million Blu-ray players reside in American homes, broken down between 100,000 dedicated players and 1.4-million PlayStation 3s. The HD-DVD install base stands at 300,000 units, apparently evenly split between dedicated players and the HD-DVD add-on drives for the Xbox 360. Such figures are roughly in line with the HD-DVD camp’s now slightly dated claim of selling 60% of all dedicated next-gen players. DEG also reported that $55-million has been spent on high-definition movies to date, the majority ($35-million) devoted to Blu-ray.”

–IGN Article

I kind of find this to be rather interesting.  The majority of Blu-Ray players out there now rests almost completely with sales of PS3s, and because of that it’s really, really hard to tell whether or not the PS3s are going to be used to watch movies or to play games on.  Only a little over 6% of the Blu-Ray players sold right now are dedicated movie players.  Though in typical Sony fashion, I’ve seen plenty of other reports where Sony has already claimed a victory over HD-DVD.

::sigh::  What I would love to see is a study done not on just plain sales numbers, but a study asking people what they use the PS3 for.  Myself, I do use it for movie watching more than gaming right now (the games for PS3 right now suck, royally), but I’m sure there are people out there who have a PS3 and never ever intend to really use it to watch movies on.  Can we please get a truly representative number?