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A waste of a article

Does Infertility Affect Friendships? Real Moms Weigh In

A article I was on linked to this one, and out of curiosity I read it. What a waste. The article really says nothing other than that different viewpoints can cause arguments. Seriously, if you take out infertility and replace it with money, religion, politics, The Great Pumpkin, any of that, and voila, you could write nearly the exact same article.

Mark my words, someone out there will not like what you say or do for just about anything you say or do.  Elated that you’re pregnant?  Someone will complain about not being able to conceive.  Happy you got a raise? Someone will be unhappy that they didn’t, or that they got less.  Unhappy about not getting a raise? Someone will think you ungrateful about just having a job.  Poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disemboweled, drawn, quartered, and pushed off a cliff in a burning car?  Someone will still be unhappy or complain about some part of that, if even “well, at least they’re not going through what I have to go through, or feeling my pain”.

People have amazing capacities to be completely and utterly self centered, to feel that they have to respond to every comment letting people know that their life is always worse than those around them (often in the next breath extolling how much better they have it, once the conversation switches back around to them).  There are many people out there who just focus on Me, Me, Me, sometimes because some hardship has happened to them, other times just because they feel like lashing out at anyone close, and sometimes the ones they are closest to feel it the worst.  It’s at those times that both friendships and relationships get shattered.

However, it’s also at those times where people can show who they really are, because I’ve also seen people who have amazing capacities to reach out, empathize, comfort, hold, protect, soothe, and essentially just be there.  Those are amazing moments, when you realize that someone put aside what they were feeling in order to help another, regardless whether or not their own pain was justifiably worse.  I know I have personally been comforted or applauded by someone who I later found out was going through something much worse at the time.  ::sigh::  I know as well that I have ended up severing friendships and hurting people because when they needed comfort all I could think of was myself, trapped in my own anger and fear.

So what’s the point of this post?  I’m not sure.  I guess it’s just a encouragement to think.