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I just had one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever, ever had. I got on the elevator at work (8th floor). A lady was on there going to the seventh floor. She made a joke, we laughed, she got off. Somewhere around the 5th floor, all the lights flickered. Then they went out, and the elevator dropped about half a floor. It then stayed put, but I was in darkness, trapped, by myself. I got my cell phone out and got to the emergency phone. Called in, the person told me that they would be sending someone right away. I got to stay in that elevator for about 10 minutes or so in the dark, with only the light on my cell phone for company. They did get there and they got me out, and I very shakily walked down the stairs and drove home.

I’m going to be taking the stairs for a little while, I think. Damn.