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This last Saturday Sara and I decided on a whim to drive up to Indy and have dinner at the Rathskellar, a wonderful German restaurant.  The pretense was a anniversary dinner, but we both know that we just wanted an excuse to go eat there.  And oh, my, was it good.  I had the soup to start with (cheddar potato) with a good Trappist beer to accompany dinner.  Delicious.  For the entree, I had the Schlacht Platte,  which is a smoked center cut pork chop topped with a delicious sauce made of apples, golden raisins, walnuts, and selected herbs combined with a grilled bockwurst.  It was soooooooooo good.  The pork chop was cooked to perfection, juicy, with a ton of flavor cooked into the meat (not just flavor contained in a sauce, like some restaurants are known to do), and the bockwurst was wonderful too.  For the side dishes I had spaetzle noodles and the vegetable of the day, which happened to be open faced sauteed mushrooms filled with yummy stuff (I forget what, now).

I’m not exactly sure how I had room after eating all that food, but I guess my body just wanted more.  :)  I had apple strudel for dessert, which is a a traditional German pastry stuffed with Granny Smith apples, golden raisins and walnuts.  It was served warm in a pool of vanilla sauce with a side of vanilla ice cream.  Oh, your, God, that was good.  The apples were cooked to perfection, just a bit crunchy without being raw, and flavored oh so nicely.  The ice cream and real whipped cream was a excellent complement to the dessert.  We drove back home afterwards, full to bursting bust still wanting more.

I complain sometimes that our hometown doesn’t have anything like that place, but you know what?  Perhaps it’s a good thing.  To have that kind of food at my fingertips all the time?  Could be a dangerous prospect.  And of course, not cheap, as the meal cost us a good $85.  But for every once in a while…..

I wonder what excuse we can come up with next?  :)