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Now *that’s* the way to protect your game

Though for obvious reasons they can’t completely verify the rumor, it would be awesome if it’s true.  Get a illicit copy of a game early?  Be prepared to face ultimate monsters that you can’t defeat right off.  Just imagine if it were a Final Fantasy game and instead of facing a simple soldier or slime or whatever lowest level creature the first area has, you are now facing Ultima, who causes 9,999 HP damage with every strike (and you only have 100 HP).  Or imagine that if this was a first person shooter every enemy carried neutron lasers but you only get a spoon.

In short, it would effectively stop you from being able to truly “play” the game before the official release date, something that game developers/companies have struggled with over the past few years.  Whether it’s been copies leaked early and downloaded or retailers refusing to obey release dates, gamers have been getting their hands on illicit copies.  This puts a stop to that.  And I don’t think fighting it will be as easy as resetting the system’s clock.  I know with the PS3 you can’t log in to the Playstation Network (required for trophies, cloud saving, online play, etc., etc., etc.) unless your system’s time at least closely matches the server (and when it does connect usually the time and date gets updated automatically).

It’s nice to see game developers finding a effective way to fight back.  And I actually like that you can still technically play the game; you just won’t get anywhere.