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A iPad magazine done correctly

I just started using/reading this app/magazine, and I thought I’d go and share the above link to the article that tipped me off.  The app/magazine really is pretty well done from the one issue I’ve looked at, and at the super-low price of free it’s hard not to at least give it a glance.  The magazine has no ads whatsoever (thank you), it’s clearly designed for the iPad instead of just being ported from paper, and it’s actually a genuinely interesting travel magazine, at least for what I’ve read so far.  There are currently 28 regular issues available, all free, and one special extra large issue that does cost $1.99.  I’ve downloaded the issues for Athens, Lisbon, Cornwall, and Japan, and I’m actually planning on reading them (which really does say something, since most of the other e-magazines I’ve tried I never finished a issue, or even planned on finishing a issue).