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McCain vs. The Librarian

A friend of mine recently posted this:  Playing in Puddles – Actions Speak Louder

I went and watched the linked video, and wow.  Just wow.  McCain’s people felt it necessary, actually necessary, to remove a 60 year old librarian from the premises of a building McCain was talking in, just because the librarian was holding a sign saying “McCain = Bush”.  She wasn’t carrying any visible weapons.  She didn’t seem about to tackle McCain’s bodyguards and go for the throat.  Heck, she didn’t even, when confronted, raise her voice.  She was just carrying a sign.

Now, obvious euphemisms aside, you can tell that this is a sign made by a librarian (or at least a intelligent person).  It has a message to it that is simple, unassuming, and profound all at the same time.  And while I don’t completely agree with the sign (in some ways I think McCain is worse, if possible), I frankly don’t see what the problem is.  It’s not promoting political upheaval or private militias.  It’s not a call to war (or peace).  Heck, it’s not even about gay marriage.  It’s just one person’s opinion about a presidential candidate, the beauty of it being how can any staunch republican take real offense to it?

And the thought that McCain’s people would actually go out of their way to censor this….. ugh.  It kinda sickens me.  And what I can’t really get past is, if McCain’s people (and McCain himself) can’t even “defend” against the allegation that he and Bush are alike, how in the hell is this man supposed to lead us?  I mean, really, didn’t anybody ever tell these people that in a battle, of mettle, metal, or words, if you don’t think you can deal with punch you don’t try to block it, you deflect it.  You meet the attack and then deflect it in such a way as to put your opponent off balance.  You would think that people mired in politics would know that.

Of course, in a battle of wits between McCain and a 60 year old librarian….  I know who I’m betting on.  :)