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Adobe Reader for iOS

After all this time, Adobe has finally released a reader for iOS………that is far inferior to many other readers out there.  I mean really, why?  OK, it’s free, so I guess that’s good, but if you want to read PDF files on your iPhone there are a bevy of better options, many of them built right into other apps that give you more features (like Dropbox).  Is this some Adobe programmer’s pet project that he/she worked on while learning iOS programming?

I just can’t fathom why Adobe would release such a lackluster…….ah, wait.  While I was checking this out, someone posted a good review noting the app’s ability to read a specific format of PDF that other apps can’t (portfolio PDF).  OK, so there’s some extra functionality.  But why release this, when they could have spent more time and really polished the app into something great?