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Not So Novel: Smell (Narcoleptic Ninja Episode 1)

Ugh. He shook is head back and forth to try and clear out that nasty smell. She had used the smelling salts again, even though she knew the odor made him want to retch (and they never really worked, anyway).  He took stock of his surroundings.

Home.  Sigh.  OK, well, at least he was home.  He didn’t have a clue how he got back here; perhaps she brought him back?  He knew he wasn’t that heavy, and she was fairly strong for her size, but they were all the way out on a mission…..

…..Crap.  The mission.

He sighed again as he got up to get a drink of water.  It didn’t always happen this way, but as time went on his….condition….kept getting worse and worse.  He would leave home, go about his training, go on missions, and if he was lucky, very lucky, he would make it back home before it happened again.  The worst part was that he couldn’t control it.  No, wait, the worst part was that it hadn’t always been this way.

At the age of 5 his parents had enrolled him in The School.  He had trained for 15 long years, and though he wasn’t the top of his class he wasn’t at the bottom either.  For another 3 years after that he had gone out on missions.  He smiled.  The missions had been nothing like what he had dreamed of as a kid.  They were better. Whether it was sneaking through the halls of a compound or just escort duty, the missions allowed him to get out, be with his friends, see the world, and even occasionally test his skills.

His smile faded.  But then things changed.  It had been a routine escort mission.  The mission was to take a woman to her lab, let her do her thing, and then make sure she got back to her apartment safely.  On the way back it was his job to provide “aerial” surveillance, which basically just meant being up high enough to see what was going on and make sure there were no snipers.

He had jumped between two buildings….and then woke up in the infirmary.

[to be continued]