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Something that makes me sad

A person I know is participating in the The World Race.  I view The World Race as something that’s “cool”, though you really have to have nothing tying you down in order to participate, given the length of time you have to be away and the money it takes (i.e. generally you have to be rather young with no real career/job/etc.).

Anyway, this person and the group they are with are currently in South Africa.  On the way to a park to worship, this person’s squad-mates started tearing down sign after sign (the picture was fuzzy but it looked like a sign for a abortion clinic).  This person was happy this was happening, and together with a teammate made several “declarations for a generation”:

We declare this generation will rise up
We declare the children are the future
We declare unborn children will see life
We declare these children will be strong Christians
We declare abortion will stop
We declare no child will be viewed as a mistake
We declare God will use this for good
We declare this generation will change the world!

OK, I like enthusiasm from youth, and it’s nice to hear someone new say they will change the world.  And I know this person has drive and energy so they might just do it.  But this makes me sad.  How are they inducting these new declarations?  By stepping on someone else’s freedom and point of views.

They were tearing down signs.  What right did they have to do that?  As far as I know, the clinic is a law-abiding facility.  They have a right to put up signs if they want to.  And this World Race group is comprised of Americans; should we be praising them for acting like stereotypical Americans who go in and do what they please?  Or worse, stereotypical American Christians who have no thought for anybody who don’t believe as they do?

Because that’s exactly how they are acting.  That set of “declarations” just makes me sad.  I could go through that list coming up with counter arguments/truths for basically every line, but I won’t.  I will mention one, though, that particularly bugs me: “We declare these children will be strong Christians.”  Yes, in a general sense I am a follower of the Christian tenets.  But…

::sigh::  We live in a country where (theoretically) people can believe what they want to believe, as long as it doesn’t harm another.  It’s one of the country’s best benefits.  I would write down how many people I know who follow different religious paths but it would take too damn long.  Even my own path differs from the standard rigid Christianity that is practiced by many.  You want to declare that all kids will be Christian?  What kind of a Christian?  Your kind?  What gives you the right to declare that?  What gives you the right to tell me how to raise my child?  You want to convince me to be a Christian by forcing your beliefs on me and my children?  Are you really wanting to start another holy war?  How would you feel if another religion tried to force their beliefs on you because they believe you are the one who is wrong?

::sigh::  So yes, it makes me sad when I see such declarations like that, mainly because I know there are people much older than the person in question who believes that this person is doing the right thing.  That acting like a complete….something….is right and good, because why?  Because someone else needs to be forced into the “right” way.

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