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Doctor’s Visit

Just had a doctor’s appointment today with my nephrologist (kidney doctor) to discuss recent test results.  Those results are:

Creatinine:  Has gone up, but not by much (up is not good)

Phosphorus:  Has gone up, by a bit (again, up is not good)

GFR (calculated rate of kidney function):  Down, by a few points (down is not good)

Other levels and blood pressure:  Stable

He and I chatted for a bit; this time I didn’t get the glowing review that I did last time, though I didn’t get a “negative” review.  What I took away from the conversation:

I need to watch my phosphorus levels and keep a better eye on them, though I’m not in any danger level yet.  I know that lately we’ve “cheated” a bit more for dinner and such for various reasons, and I’ve eaten some things that I didn’t check on first to see if they were low in phosphorus or not (sometimes they were, sometimes they weren’t).  Possibly not having cereal for breakfast will help with this (dairy products contain higher phosphorus levels).

As for the creatinine level increase, the increase was pretty small so there wasn’t too much concern about it….this time.  I know that creatinine is linked with muscles and such, and it’s possible that I’ve been exerting myself too much at hapkido/taekwondo practice and overworking my body.  It’s also linked to general kidney function as well, so general degradation of kidney function can increase this number as well.

As for my GFR rating, well, the base number is down a bit, to about 45.  A more calculated rating of that number (which included more of my personal stats) brought it up to 53.  Talking with him confused me a bit on the subject, but I got that these numbers were tied to where my creatinine and other levels were right now, and could possibly fluctuate.  When he had performed “extra” tests at the beginning of this about a year ago, they showed that my “true” GFR was in the low 70s, the base number somewhere in the high 50s.  For general knowledge, once my GFR drops below 15 I’ll need to start dialysis (or very soon after).

It’s kinda hard to determine what this all means, and I’m going to try to not jump to any conclusions.  Since it’s time anyway (they happen yearly), I will need to go through some more “extra” tests in a couple months which will give the doctor another “true” GFR reading.  Till then, I need to work on keeping my stress and blood pressure down, and work on fixing my levels where I can.  Once he has some more data he might be able to better predict my rate of decline.


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