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Concerning the new iPhone 5s/c and TUAW…

Referenced TUAW Article

“The negative comments sound like they’re coming from Android fanbots” Really? Well, TUAW sounds like a company full of Apple fanbots. Seriously, I like Apple, but I’m getting sick and tired of TUAW’s gushing all the time about how wonderful Apple is. Apple isn’t bad, but it isn’t the greatest company ever, and their products do have flaws. The iPhone 5s and 5c are better than the 5, yes.

But their positives? What they say about the 5s is that it is faster and such than the 5. OK, yeah. How does it compare to other phones?  Is the quad-core processor in the 5s faster than the octa-core processor in the new Samsung Note 3?  For the 5c, they say inexpensive, pretty, and Android free. Uh, OK. Inexpensive compared to what? I can walk into a store right now and sign a contract and get a free phone. $99 sounds like $99 more than free. It’s pretty. Haven’t we all been taught that what is important is what is underneath? And Android free. Wow. Yeah, it’s an iPhone. It runs iOS. That is a matter of opinion on whether or not iOS is better or worse than Android. You will find people that will list “iOS free” on their list of reasons why an Android phone is better.

And concerning what they say about iOS 7….wow. It’s free. Yeah, so is Android, and at least Android is open source. I guess when you put it that way iOS isn’t free, because you have to have an iDevice to run it, test it, and you have to pay a yearly fee to be a iOS developer (whereas it’s free to develop for Android). “Best on 5s”. What a statement. It’s fastest on the fastest phone Apple sells. Duh. “Popular operating system”. So is Windows. And Linux. It just depends on who you ask, and saying it’s a popular operating system doesn’t mean it’s a good one.

Do I think the new iPhone is cool?  Sure, it looks like a nice phone, and if you want a iDevice then go for it.  But speaking as someone who used to drink the Cool-Aid but now snacks on Jelly Beans and KitKats, the new iPhone isn’t something to gush over.  It’s essentially the same dang phone as before, just a bit faster, can take better pictures, and has a nifty fingerprint sensor.  It’s still the same size, you are still locked into Apple’s infrastructure (I can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to use iTunes and/or be locked to syncing with one computer), and you still have very little in the way of choice.  Do you want a iPhone that has everything or one that has had features removed, and how much storage space do you want to be locked into (me, I’m not locked into space because my phone, as many, many Android phones do, has a SD card slot)?

To be perfectly frank and fair, though, am I super excited about the Galaxy Note 3, the next iteration of my phone?  Nah.  Oh, it’s looks really cool, and I’m sure it’s faster and I’ve seen some of the new features.  Higher resolution screen, bigger screen, better interface…  It’s nice.  But we’ve gotten to the same point with phones that we have with computers.  If you have the latest or next-to-latest device, the next iteration generally doesn’t have as many innovations as you might hope.  The reason is simple: they are releasing devices too fast in order to keep up.  If I look at my old iPad and look at a new iPad I go wow, there are so many differences and reasons to upgrade.  If I look at a iPad 3 vs. iPad 4, there aren’t nearly as many differences.

So, yeah.  Just wanted to get all that off my chest.  I’m tired of hearing all the gushing, simpering Apple “fanbots” go on and on about how awesome the new iPhone 5s/c is, and how much better it is than Android, like “Android” is an actual device and not an OS.  I’m also tired of hearing Android fanatics bash Apple/iPhones, but I don’t hear them nearly as much as I hear the Apple fanbots, and the Apple fanbots are by far more annoying.

*ahem*  I guess what I’m saying is if you want to talk favorably about a device, don’t be Fox News.

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